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All services begin with a free phone consultation


Do you find yourself seeking other's opinions while shopping or getting dressed?




A DRESS CODES stylist will make sure you have the timely advice you need to feel confident every step of the way!


DRESS CODES provides corporate and personal styling services for all occasions. For individual styling sessions we hope to learn about your current lifestyle, go to brands, style goals and overall expectations so that you are paired with the perfect DRESS CODER.  You will then be contacted by your new concierge stylist and start enjoying on-demand access to professional style advice!

This service is offered at an hourly rate      


Wardrobe auditing

Do you feel overwhelmed with the ever evolving fashion trends?


Does your wardrobe feel dated? Do you look around and find yourself in envy of others style?


The DRESS CODES audit will transform your wardrobe through tailored item selection based off your goals.

Pinching the Shirt


A DRESS CODER will be the emotional support you need to transform your look! We understand how difficult it it is to part with certain items ESPECIALLY the ones with sentimental value.  Let us come help you create the long overdue fresh start your wardrobe and YOU deserve! 

This service is offed at an hourly rate

MEMBER RATE $65hr.    |     NON-MEMBER RATE $85.00

dress codes HAPPY HOUR 

Make your next Girl Night Out a DRESS CODES Happy Hour!

Girls Dancing on Beach

Grab your friends and  to swap fashion ideas, clothing and style tips. The client will choose the party theme and location. This promises to be an evening of fun with professional consultation and the option of swapping wardrobe items with your friends through DRESS CODES. 

This service is offed at an hourly rate

MEMBER RATE $65hr.    |     NON-MEMBER RATE $85.00



Hunting for that special item you have been obsessing over for weeks?


Time is money. Let the experts at DRESS CODES do the work for you.


Our personal shopping and errand assistance offers clients the ability to work through a DRESS CODER to obtain retail items without the hassle! Simply provide your specifications and budget and we will find your desired item within 48 hours.  Members enjoy access to on-demand DRESS CODER personal shoppers. 

Prices for personal shopping services vary 


Do you feel frustrated when you get ready in the morning? 

Do you catch yourself saying "I have nothing to wear" when you have a closet full of goods!

Well Organized Closet

Our professional closet organizing service is individually tailored to suit your needs. We will help manage your existing clothing, shoe and accessory inventory by providing expert organization services while helping eliminate the unnecessary clutter. During the closet cleanse we offer style guidance on how to pair your current items to reach maximum style potential!

This service is offed at an hourly rate

MEMBER RATE $65hr.    |     NON-MEMBER RATE $85.00


All services are for women, men, and children.

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